Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Yesterday and the Day Before Yesterday I walked across 110th Street

So last night I was at a Bobby Womack gig at the Jazz Cafe, London. Even though he's ill, he performed brilliantly. I absolutely loved it, especially when I spotted Mary Portas a few tables down from me:
As for what I wore:
Dress (Topshop), Blazer (Topshop), Pumps (Marc Jacobs), Earrings (Made by me).

And now for the Day Before Yesterday...
Because I'm such a doof and forget to take photos of myself (as vain as that sounds), I snapped quick pictures of my outfits before I chucked it all in the wash so that you can get a vague idea of what I wore. Even if you don't really give a s**t.
At a friend's house in Guildford; fun night and lots of swimming in her pool :) I'm ashamed to say that Top, Skirt, Shoes (all H&M). This appalling list continues and I must tell you that the tights are Primark. Whey. Though, commenting on that, Primark definitely do the best tights- cheap and I find that they last longer than other brands.
Bit of a sloppy look- didn't have much time at home following a journey back from Guildford in the morning. Black Jeans (Urban Outfitters), Sweatshirt (my brothers- he left it here and I have no idea where it's from), Shoes (my Mum's- no idea where they're from). And of course, the Doctor Who badge- from the Doctor Who Experience. Yes- I am a massive nerd; my best friends took me to the exhibition as an early birthday present. LOVE YOU GUYS <3

A few more little things for ya; I was playing with Clem's hair because she's so cute and wanted to do something different with it. She's had it down for the past 5 or 6 years, but I'm hoping she'll start experimenting because the plaits that I created made her look absolutely gorgeous. HEY CLEM :) I know you'll be reading this so I'd just like to tell you that you smell. And no one likes you.
It only takes a few minutes to fiddle with your hair, but it can really change your look and can be pretty trendy. 
 Sarah Michelle Gellar, Blake Lively, Sienna Miller

Piercings are also pretty trendy. Why do I suddenly bring up piercings, you ask? Because Cullum just got his eyebrow pierced. £35 and a furious mother later, I think he looks daym cool. It's subtle enough, and his brows are perfectly defined for it. Woop Woop. (Just proves even more how much he DOES NOT SUIT CHINOS).

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You met Mary Portas? Cool!