Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Cross my Nutter

This 'first entry' is going to be bulging so that everyone is satisfied with my return... You can skip to the pictures though because phwoaaar:

[I having been searching for the designer of these but it's tricky. I will update you if I ever find out] 
The image is taken from Harper's Bazaar, Spain, June 2011, from the shoot entitled 'Resaca Punk'. Photography by Txema Yeste and styled by Juan Cebrian. I found this via Corridor40 which is a really really reaaaaally cool blog, I truly recommend it. You want to accentuate the heels themselves so I'd keep it simple with a pair of skinny jeans; dark blue or black; and then pump up your upper half with denim/ leather/ colour/ studs. 
I think crosses are becoming a thing or me since I just bought this:

And the size is too big... It is in fact from the men's section in Topshop (a bit of a cross-dresser, me), because some of the jewellery there (especially the rings) is banging. Sure the women's section is all pretty-pretty but I love
 It's all 'Vintage-Levis' type cool, right? (Speaking of which, I am hoping to buy some a-may-zinging vintage Levis shorts in Convent Garden soon- I'll show you when/ if I buy them).

But now, I want to show you something interesting which only very few can offer to you. Okay, that's bullshit; it's a 'Tommy Nutter' exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum so anyone can go (GO GO GO)- but I was fortunate enough to attend the opening evening alongside Zandra Rhodes (almost peed myself when I spotted her), Ringo Starr, and Cilla Black....
I'm not going to post any pictures of the exhibition pieces directly (spoilers), so if you live in London go have a look yourself, and if you don't then I'm sorry but I'm not even sure if I am allowed to post the pictures. However I will talk about Tommy, because he was incredibly important in progressing the men's world of fashion. His name, itself, is incredible. I'd love to have the surname Nutter. He was born in 1943 and died in 1992, famous for his contribution to the change in men's fashion. By the 1960s, the tailoring of Saville Row was out of date and plain boring amid the new, modern and swinging London and hence the fashion world witnessed a growth of extrovert and loud styles, trends and designers. Tommy teamed up with Edward Sexton, whose exquisite tailoring would contribute to the personality and approach of Tommy to create the Nutters of Saville Row, opened on Valentine's day 1969. Tommy's support was huge; backed by James White, Peter Brown and Cilla Black, his clothes were donned by the likes of Twiggy, Lord Montague (whom I know as the Viceroy of India, following my extensive A level History revision :p), Mick Jagger and The Beatles. You will know the purple suit worn by Jack Nicholson as 'The Joker'? Yep- Tommy Nutter.
Or even the eclectic suits of Elton John?
Some of these are even featured in the exhibition. 
Tommy himself was most proud of the fact that he dressed three out of the four Beatles for the famous album cover, 'Abbey Road. (George Harrison wanted to cross in denims)

I most enjoyed how the exhibition not only honours the legacy of Tommy and shows us his impressive contribution to Saville Row, but it also highlights the evident connection of those who wore his suits: his clients, and the custom-made garments themselves. Every item on display is a donation, thus why some of Ringo's suits are on display, or Elton's. Also, thus why I was there in the first place.
My taste in fashion has not stemmed out of nowhere. I have a Dad who also loves his clothes. It was about seven or eight of his Tommy Nutter suits which he lent to the museum for the exhibition, gaining us an invite, and the moment we entered, we spotted four. We got a bit excited, but who wouldn't?
The exhibition will run until 22nd October 2011, open Tuesday–Sunday 11am-6pm:
The Fashion and Textile Museum, 83 Bermondsey Street, London, SE1 3XF
Ticket prices for adults £7, students and concessions £4 and free entry for under 12′s.
Tommy with his dogs in NYC

 My Dad, with the stupid grin looking at the camera, amongst the fashionistas of the evening

I think that I shall leave this post there. Next time fellow Modes xx

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