Wednesday, 15 June 2011


To put it simply; Cullum and I are a married couple. He may be gay, we may be best friends, but our relationship is so cliché of a marriage it's unreal. That or he might as well be my Mum's second son! Aside from loving him dearly, we bicker like mad. Lately, it's about fashion- he needs to buy more clothes at the moment, and I have been helping him choose. Typically of our friendship, at the very beginning of our shopping days, I would pick up something and he would respond with a definite and positive 'No'. A year on, and he has managed to grasp that I will argue until he at least tries it on, and that 99% of the time, he has loved my choice and realised that his 'No' was foolish. I now have a budding gay fashionista on my hands. I love it! Hehehe.

Recently however, he bought Chinos; against all my pleads for him to spend a little bit more money and buy the navy corduroys (may I note how difficult that is to spell...). I LOVE THE CORDUROYS! Not to say that I hate Chinos, but I don't think that they suit the boy with the multiple piercings and flamboyant gay personality. Nor do I think that they are top of the list for someone who has repeatedly told me he doesn't want to have a 'plain' or 'boring' outfit- he wants to stand out fashionably. Despite all this, the outcome is:
Can I point out that I chose the top? Top (H&M), Jacket (Zara), Bag (Topman). And I didn't even ask where he got the chinos from. 

Yes, he looks good. No, it doesn't look bad. But HOW COOL WOULD HE LOOK WITH NAVY CORYDUROYS?! Hmph. Let me know your opinion. 

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