Wednesday, 8 June 2011

To buy or not to buy?

I think it's quite a nice dedication... not too tacky, looks good and a nice shape. Any thoughts?
Find it here.

On the same website, I found a bit of nerdy awesomeness- Gro0glmann.
I don't quite get the name... it is awful. But I might just buy the Harry Potter Lego Necklace ;)

Obviously, it is not quite 'Vogue fashion'. I'm sure we wouldn't see Anna Wintour prancing about with Harry Potter faces on her ears, but this is the kinda thing I love- the odd bit in your wardrobe that you wear one day and everyone notices- 'Omygod you have scrabble earrings!' 'Is that Lego??? Wow!'
Fashion has fast evolved into wearing what makes you stand out most. Often, the quirkier you look, the cooler you are. At the Tommy Nutter exhibition, one lady had -I think- a a lampshade on her head. It was bright pink, like the rest of her outfit, and, also like the rest of her outfit, adorned with letters and badges and oddbits. When I saw her I did not see amazing and on trend fashion, Vogue material or everyday beauty. Instead, I saw (quite) an elderly lady who was awe-inspiring, impressive, fearless, and to put it plainly; cool.
I liked it, though I would never dream of donning such an outfit myself.
So, what are your opinions? Yes or no to the Lego? Keep it simply or stray from the simple and go crazy? Let me know :)

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