Thursday, 9 June 2011

Beauty In Chaos

We are on our way back from the Bitching and Junkfood Urban Outfitters Launch near the Liverpool Street area of London. (Encase you are wondering, Clem overheard 'This is beauty in chaos' when the lights went down briefly; we thought it was appropriate for the post title). The launch was pretty cool; tho' shame my damn brother turned up when it stopped! Clem and I were too chicken to talk to anyone- lonerrrs. We were surprised to find that it was actually inside the UO store, so we spent most of our time browsing. I've decided to buy the studded denim shorts from Bitching- picture later- they are hawwt.
The rest of the time was spent gazing at the sweet-ass fashion around us while Clem sat down because she can't handle heels. One guy had his hair in french plaits, another had hair down to his hips. There was a lot of dyed hair too, and this one girl in particular has inspired me. (Sneaky picture coming up)
I've been meaning dye the tips of my hair for a while now. Well, actually I did do that. A few of us bought a packet of deep red, semi-permanent hair dye which we shared among us. Let's just say that Clem was not all too pleased when the situation went from 'Ah it hardly worked' to 'Ohmygod IT'S SO RED and DONE SO UNEVENLY' in the bright light.  But following the descend into after-dye gingerness, our hair is back to normal and I am inspired and willing to try again.  I will keep you updated on my decisions. 
 Back to the launch anyhow, here's one more sneaky photo for ya.
 I loved this lady for it seemed that she had splattered some plain tights with PAINT. Ta-da! Simple home trick for you there. Also her accessories were neat but I couldn't quite get a photo of her front. And this is what we wore:
Clem with her gorgeous new playsuit (Topshop) and heels she continuously battles with.

 Me with my Alexander McQueen baby (the scarf), denim body-con dress (topshop), white blazer (topshop) and black suede wedges (ebay). 

That's it for now, see ya later

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