Monday, 13 June 2011


I'm changing schools halfway through my A levels, and since textiles is not one of the most common subjects, it's likely that I will have to replace it with Art. I'm okay with that though, because I quite fancied doing more painting and less knitting. I'm still sticking with my interest in textiles however, and so Cullum and I paid a visit to The London Antique Textiles, Vintage Costumes, Carpets and Tribal Art Fair. They should have held back on the name if you ask me, but it was alright. A lot of beautiful things; most of which Cullum managed to snap a picture of; but all very pricey, and all the stall holders seemed funny about pictures being taken (some even refused any pictures at all).
The shape of the first few pieces you'll see coming up shortly seems to be a huge trend at the fair and I like it. I'm very into the whole 'sequins, sleeveless, patterned, long top-turned dress and vintage' look- it's gorgeous if you do it right. What do you think?

I absolutely lurvvved the bag. I adore the fringe beading and how it was designed to close at the top (you might not be able to make out what I mean from the picture I'm afraid).
That is it for this post, but I really suggest you keep your eyes open for another fair. It is located at the Hilton Hotel, near Olympia (Kensington, London), and they host them regularly. If you're willing to pay the prices, go take a look. Who knows? -you might meet Florence Welch (she has been spotted at one of the exact same fairs before).

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LaraLainThatsMyName said...

Lovely pics! Everything there looks nice x