Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Snapping up Sales

So there are a few sales that are still being dragged out to catch out mugs like me who don't know how to stop spending and save up instead for traveling... hmph. Boo you whores. And honestly, I don't know whether making this post was a good idea or a bad idea; bad because I just found so many things that I really have to resist purchasing but good because I have transferred that 'buying energy' into creative 'blog-making' energy, if that makes sense. 

Anyway, for you, my dear lovely readers, here is an assortment of sale items that I have put together from some of my personal favourite (and most visited) online sales. Shopping from the comfort of my bed? Oh yes.


Black and White Patent Iphone Case
£3 from £8

 Just Acces Rings
£6 from £15

Just Acces Moy Rings
£5 from £15
Because having cheap, plain rings to laden your fingers with is always a good accessories back up.

Two Pom Headband
£4.50 from £8
 If you want to be cute.

Textured Knit Tassel Scarf
£4.50 from £12
Winter is not over yet.

Long Sleeved Grey Crop Top
£9 from £15

Slouch Loose T-shirt
£5.50 from £12
Staple tee for the staple wardrobe.

Pippa Lynn Shirt with Mesh Back
£30 from £55
Things are starting to get a little more interesting.

Three Floor Bear Hug Jumper 
£30 from £48
Warm, fluffy.... fluffy and warm.

High Shine Hotpants
£13.50 from £25
Don't judge me... I'm preparing for crazy twerking at the London Major Lazer gig in May. Must be prepared with hot pants if I want Diplo to notice me. (#slutmove).


Steve Madden Soluri Lace Up Desert Boot
£51 from £85

Nine West Highstakes Boots
£79 from £155
Too many black heels in your closet?


 Gold Ruby Baroque Punk Skull Pendant
£164 from £270

Silver Emerald Stone Skull Pendant
£179 from £295

Black Stirrup Buckle Boot
£269 from £695


Cherry Fil-Coupe Floral Jacquard Mini-Dress
£270 from £695

Gold Atom Flower Skull Cocktail Ring
£109 from £180

Pale Grey Skull Charm Phone Case
£114 from £185

Or, if you want to be a little more outrageous;
Dark Pink Skull Charm Phone Case
£99 from £160

URBAN OUTFITTERS with a 20% student discount for limited time only!

Deena & Ozzy Red Leather Studded Barrel Bag
£50 from £90
I recently read an article in the Evening Standard about 'Bucket bags' being the new 'IT item'. Honey, I've been carrying my bucket around for a year and a half now and I'm telling you, move over Bucket and enter the Barrel.

And if you want to be a little less wild or you're looking for that staple black bag;
Deena & Ozzy Black Leather Studded Barrel Bag
£40 from £90

 Deena & Ozzy Grey Leather Barrel Bag
£20 from £75

Evil Twin Outer Limits Leggings
£40 from £65

Evil Twin Outer Limits Mesh Cape
£60 from £100

Christopher Kane may have started the galaxy road but it's not over yet.

That's it for today. I hope you have fun emptying your bank accounts, and apologies if I am the source of any financial issues... oops. 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Danger it's Katy B

Hello everyone, I'm hoping your Christmas was good- I'm going to do a Christmas post in a few days but not quite yet, because duuude, I'm alternative like that.

This blog is turning into a bit of a lifestyle blog but I kinda like it like that. It means access to a wider audience and it also means that if I start talking about Justin Bieber you're not allowed to hate on me. Don't worry, I promise I won't start posting about the Beebs. 

Today instead I'm going to review Katy B's new EP, 'Danger'. Music is a huge part of my life but this is also part of a blogging job application... Cheeeky.
Truthfully though I got really excited by the news of this EP because I LOVE HER COLLABORATORS. Diplo is one of my favourite DJs on the scene right now, and let's not deny that he is a mega DILF, while Jessie Ware is an incredible up and coming talent and again one of my much-loved breakout vocalists of 2012. UK grime artist Wiley never fails to impress and the Australian bad bitch Iggy Azalea is unapologetically brilliant. The producers and artists whom Katy has chosen are an eclectic mix from around the globe meaning that I truly don't know what to expect. I have never been a huge fan of Katy B; in particular it's important to me that an artist is good live whereas I find that she is often disappointing.  However it'll be interesting to see how she mixes with this lot and to see if she is, after all, a good music curator. 

Tune number one begins with an undeniably punchy opening that is sure to get everyone in the mood when it starts booming in a club but I can't help but dislike Katy's singing. I'm going to put my disappointment down to my lame-ass computer speakers however so let's imagine this song with huge speakers and a loud atmosphere. Yes, it starts to sound better. In fact I've just put my overhead headphones on and I'm now dancing in my bed.
Wiley's entrance makes me dance even more and I start to really bounce around. The beat is still quite good after Wiley but that might just be Zinc's continuing bass in the background.
Honestly the song is a little bit mix mashing of noises and not even in a new and refreshing way.
Katy's singing is a downer and I think I prefer Wiley's part because he works better with the back beat. Katy sings over Zinc's steady club mix with her signature style but it's a little too mainstream for me. I can certainly see this being played on the radio but then again that actually kinda puts me off. Definitely needs more Wiley. Sorry Katy, not lookin' good so far.

This is the title track so there are always expectations. Beginning in a very typical Katy B introduction- there's something about it that is just so Katy B- the song works some light, fluttery electro music. The softness is all very well but I can't help but compare this to Delilah- if you don't know her music, YOU MUST KNOW HER MUSIC. 'Danger' is soulful, slow and dramatic but it doesn't cut through me like Delilah does.
Her voice has certainly improved compared to 'Got Paid' but again not something I'm gonna gush over. Things start to improve around the chorus- whether this is her voice or the flow of the music. Ultimately I'm not melting, but I am warming.

Greeneus opens this track with a slow and gradual spacey vibe before heading into a club beat while Katy's voice melts really nicely into the music. I really enjoy the beginning and so far so good. The start reminds me somehow of ministry of sound- club anthem style. I could say that it gets a little repetitive but then I'm still waiting for Jessie's entry. And ah, here she comes. Beautiful as always but again I feel like I'm comparing Katy to Jessie when this is Katy's tune and Jessie's the featuring artist.
Katy's singing is definitely better here and I feel like I'm melting into their harmony which is unexpected but very well executed. calls it a lyrical love triangle and I agree.
The best bit of this song is how they've tackled Dolly Parton's 'Jolene' (sort of 'Aaliyah please don't take my man') but made it club ready and 2013. The ephemeral vibe mixes well with both Katy's and Jessie's voices.
If I was being a pain in the ass I'd complain a little about the repetitiveness of the backing but this third track of the EP is definitely moving up my approval ladder. I'm now ready and waiting for some sick remixes of this.

I cannot contain my excitement for this one, I have very high expectations of you Diplo. Turns out, expectations filled. I had the headphones on for this one and had to turn it up because I liked it so much. Without the headphones it sounds a little cheap.
'Light as a feather' begins with a new and refreshing mood, thank fuck, excusing my language. The drop is perfect, the bass is ready and I have no complaints about her voice on this track. At 1:38 Katy offers us a beautiful little bit of singing; her voices rises as the music softens and she demonstrates her range.
Is that Diplo on the 'lets go'? Omagerrhhd he's so hot, though I need to remember that this is a Katy B EP and not a Diplo song.
But then, we get to Iggy. She works so damn well with the beat and needs a longer solo please? As Iggy finishes with 'it's yours for the taking' you can't help but admire the way Katy swoops in on the take; 'what does it take' at 2:27 and Iggy's dynamic and clear-cut rapping subdues into a softer dub synth.
Then at about 3:00 Diplo introduces this jangly moroccan noise that offers something new and alternative. Bringing in another drop not soon after, we're straight back into the nitty gritty of the tune.
This is music that works well both in the comforts of my bedroom if I'm working or chilling, but that also offers potential for a night out. Again with this, I'm expecting  a load of remixes.
A job well done and a new addition to my playlist.

I'm not sure whether to put my love of 'Light as a Feather' to my love of Diplo but there is no doubt that Katy's EP has both it's ups and downs. Each collaboration compares and each attributes something different. Yet despite their differences, Katy's firm influence is clear. She has catered each song to her own taste and this is an EP about a Peckham girl who's weekend and club- ready.