Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Pretty Fine

My parents are Fine Art Dealers, specialising particularly in dog-themed paintings or jewellery. When I was helping them to pack up their stand the other day, I saw this beautiful and delicate watch. I think it's mainly the simplistic black band of the watch in comparison with the gold which I love rather than the miniature dog images (although those are pretty cute too).

Monday, 11 July 2011

Laura Holmes

I apologise for not posting in such a long time (once again :p), but I got distracted by my room which took 4 DAYS to tidy, and still resembles a junk yard, and then my days just sort of continued so that I never continued with posting. However, I am now working with Laura Holmes Productions. I'm pretty psyched for this work experience, even if it takes me an hour and 20 minutes to get there from the other side of London- aka, where I live. I'll keep you updated on that, but for the time being it's my first day and I'm just being sent on errands. For now, enjoy this gorge McQueen skirt which I found on ebay. Paris here we come:
Maybe now is the time to mention that my birthday is coming up pretty soon? 20th July, taa :)

Saturday, 25 June 2011


Why, why, oh why would they do this?
Found this on ebay titled, 'True Religion jeans patched Alexander Mcqueen scarf 29'.
Buy it Now here for £241.02, that is- if you want to buy a monstrosity. Really, but WHY would you destroy an elegant and beautiful scarf and transform it into this? Seriously woman!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Yesterday and the Day Before Yesterday I walked across 110th Street

So last night I was at a Bobby Womack gig at the Jazz Cafe, London. Even though he's ill, he performed brilliantly. I absolutely loved it, especially when I spotted Mary Portas a few tables down from me:
As for what I wore:
Dress (Topshop), Blazer (Topshop), Pumps (Marc Jacobs), Earrings (Made by me).

And now for the Day Before Yesterday...
Because I'm such a doof and forget to take photos of myself (as vain as that sounds), I snapped quick pictures of my outfits before I chucked it all in the wash so that you can get a vague idea of what I wore. Even if you don't really give a s**t.
At a friend's house in Guildford; fun night and lots of swimming in her pool :) I'm ashamed to say that Top, Skirt, Shoes (all H&M). This appalling list continues and I must tell you that the tights are Primark. Whey. Though, commenting on that, Primark definitely do the best tights- cheap and I find that they last longer than other brands.
Bit of a sloppy look- didn't have much time at home following a journey back from Guildford in the morning. Black Jeans (Urban Outfitters), Sweatshirt (my brothers- he left it here and I have no idea where it's from), Shoes (my Mum's- no idea where they're from). And of course, the Doctor Who badge- from the Doctor Who Experience. Yes- I am a massive nerd; my best friends took me to the exhibition as an early birthday present. LOVE YOU GUYS <3

A few more little things for ya; I was playing with Clem's hair because she's so cute and wanted to do something different with it. She's had it down for the past 5 or 6 years, but I'm hoping she'll start experimenting because the plaits that I created made her look absolutely gorgeous. HEY CLEM :) I know you'll be reading this so I'd just like to tell you that you smell. And no one likes you.
It only takes a few minutes to fiddle with your hair, but it can really change your look and can be pretty trendy. 
 Sarah Michelle Gellar, Blake Lively, Sienna Miller

Piercings are also pretty trendy. Why do I suddenly bring up piercings, you ask? Because Cullum just got his eyebrow pierced. £35 and a furious mother later, I think he looks daym cool. It's subtle enough, and his brows are perfectly defined for it. Woop Woop. (Just proves even more how much he DOES NOT SUIT CHINOS).

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Would you like to lend me £1,395?

No? Ah, well...awkward... guess I will have to somehow manage without this beautiful coat:
Why don't you buy it yourself here at Net-A-Porter, and then return to taunt me with it :(

Friday, 17 June 2011

Can you do the Cannes?

AmfAR's Cinema Against AIDS Gala and Cannes' Best Red-Carpet Moments, found here at

Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld and Giovanna Battaglia, in vintage Stephen Sprouse. 
Kirsten Dunst, in Chanel Haute Couture. 

Freida Pinto, in Lanvin. 
Diane Kruger, in Calvin Klein Collection. 

Go away all you beautiful women! (but drop of the gowns at my house before you do? Ta)

Thursday, 16 June 2011


I started scrapbooking a while back now, although the 'project' has not been touched for many months. I'm hitting the scissors and glue again though, because I always find something in a magazine or newspaper which takes my interest or inspires me- whether it is fashion related or something else entirely- and I want to continue so that in many years, I can look back on memories and inspiration. Often, if you by chance happen to browse these scrapbooks of mine, you might find something embarrassing like an article on the Jonas Brothers, or a cute picture of Mark Sailing (Puck from Glee). Yes, there is a topless photo of Ronan Keating...

On the other hand, you'll find something cool like a comparison between a 1990 Johnny Depp on the catwalk and the 2010 version.

The first article dates back to 'Monday 21 September 2009'; taken from The Independent.
 So, have a go- you can buy a plain book in almost any stationary shop, and they don't cost too much. It means that you have something to look back to, something to inspire you, and you make the most out of those magazines ;)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


To put it simply; Cullum and I are a married couple. He may be gay, we may be best friends, but our relationship is so cliché of a marriage it's unreal. That or he might as well be my Mum's second son! Aside from loving him dearly, we bicker like mad. Lately, it's about fashion- he needs to buy more clothes at the moment, and I have been helping him choose. Typically of our friendship, at the very beginning of our shopping days, I would pick up something and he would respond with a definite and positive 'No'. A year on, and he has managed to grasp that I will argue until he at least tries it on, and that 99% of the time, he has loved my choice and realised that his 'No' was foolish. I now have a budding gay fashionista on my hands. I love it! Hehehe.

Recently however, he bought Chinos; against all my pleads for him to spend a little bit more money and buy the navy corduroys (may I note how difficult that is to spell...). I LOVE THE CORDUROYS! Not to say that I hate Chinos, but I don't think that they suit the boy with the multiple piercings and flamboyant gay personality. Nor do I think that they are top of the list for someone who has repeatedly told me he doesn't want to have a 'plain' or 'boring' outfit- he wants to stand out fashionably. Despite all this, the outcome is:
Can I point out that I chose the top? Top (H&M), Jacket (Zara), Bag (Topman). And I didn't even ask where he got the chinos from. 

Yes, he looks good. No, it doesn't look bad. But HOW COOL WOULD HE LOOK WITH NAVY CORYDUROYS?! Hmph. Let me know your opinion. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Skirt (Urban Outfitters), White lace ups (H&M), Tee (unknown- I think it was my brothers when he was really young), Bag (I think Urban Outfitters- it was a Christmas Present)


Vintage Versace campaigns:
I found these via the Bitching and Junkfood blog :)
I think these images (especially the first two) are what Versace is all about- I love love love love!

Emma's got it

Wow Wow Wow Wowee. I absolutely adore it!!

Monday, 13 June 2011


I'm changing schools halfway through my A levels, and since textiles is not one of the most common subjects, it's likely that I will have to replace it with Art. I'm okay with that though, because I quite fancied doing more painting and less knitting. I'm still sticking with my interest in textiles however, and so Cullum and I paid a visit to The London Antique Textiles, Vintage Costumes, Carpets and Tribal Art Fair. They should have held back on the name if you ask me, but it was alright. A lot of beautiful things; most of which Cullum managed to snap a picture of; but all very pricey, and all the stall holders seemed funny about pictures being taken (some even refused any pictures at all).
The shape of the first few pieces you'll see coming up shortly seems to be a huge trend at the fair and I like it. I'm very into the whole 'sequins, sleeveless, patterned, long top-turned dress and vintage' look- it's gorgeous if you do it right. What do you think?

I absolutely lurvvved the bag. I adore the fringe beading and how it was designed to close at the top (you might not be able to make out what I mean from the picture I'm afraid).
That is it for this post, but I really suggest you keep your eyes open for another fair. It is located at the Hilton Hotel, near Olympia (Kensington, London), and they host them regularly. If you're willing to pay the prices, go take a look. Who knows? -you might meet Florence Welch (she has been spotted at one of the exact same fairs before).