Sunday, 17 February 2013

Fringe and Fluff

Now I'm back home, snuggled in my bed and full after indulging in a plate of greasy fish n' chips, it's time to tell you about my exciting day at the ME Hotel for London Fashion Week. I should add here that I managed to get this temporary assistant work because, as you might remember if you follow what I get up to, I worked for Mark a couple of years ago.

To start with, the ME. A five star hotel and 'the place to be' especially during this glamorous, upcoming week, the ME is located just opposite Somerset House on The Shard. The view from the showing room itself was spectacular and from the moment you walk in, you'll notice that everything is smooth, black, marble and pretty classy. 

And what about Mark Fast's AW13 collection? Three models were late- one arriving with only ten minutes 'till the show and thus sending us into ultra-panic mode- but once the guests were settled, Little Dragon (a good choice may I add) started playing through the sound-system and the girls started strutting into the room. You're going to mock me, but, well... the thing is... I kinda forgot my phone downstairs and I didn't actually get any good shots. I knowww, I'm sorrryy I hate myself too! This means that while most of the photos in this post are mine, the ones of the actual show aren't. There is a bonus to this because you can spot me, though blurry, in the background of some of the shots I found on

A multitude of feathery fringes, sleek silhouettes and hints of skin under beautifully crafted and inspired knits, Mark's trademark style ran through the collection. It's clear however that his designs have progressed, becoming more elegant and mature. To me, Mark understands an interesting balance between baring skin and covering up. He works creatively with fabrics and introduced knitwear on a whole new level into the world of fashion. 

Perhaps my favourite piece of the collection. A little risqué perhaps but truly beautiful in movement. PS. do you see me? Top left corner tehe!
 The collection reminded me a little bit of Ostriches and Flamingos, but it was actually inspired by this really arty film that I've forgotten the name of.... oops.

There were two shows; one at 15:30 one at 16:30. I only watched the first one but as I was handling the queue for the second and directing the guests through to the show, I was lucky enough to meet Pixie Lott. Okay, so by meet I mean that I opened an elevator door for her- haha!- but I didn't stop there. Not long after Pixie came along Delilah. One of my three lesbian crushes (the other two being Shingai Shoniwa and Rihanna), Delilah is quite often my go to playlist and there was no way I could have held my excitement. I've even written about her on here! After the idea that I was indeed standing next to my one true love started to sink in, I thought 'f**k it* and stepped forward to proclaim that love. "Can I just say that I love you". I went there. Delilah seemed pleased though, so I hope she enjoyed the show and I look forward to seeing her again (another gig soon please?). 

 My effort to capture a photo of Delilah.

There was another song played during the show, and though I knew the song and even knew the words I couldn't place the name or the artist, so I will leave you here with the wonderful Little Dragon song called 'Ritual Union' which was the first on Mark's playlist.

Faster at London Fashion Week

So this is the surprise that I mentioned last time. I've got a great post coming for you guys later because I have bagged myself work at London Fashion Week 2013 with Mark Fast! Okay so yes, I'm not quite yet sitting front row, but one step at a time eh? I'm so excited for today and I'm going to make the most of it; maybe if I'm brave enough I'll be handing out my blog-business cards to every passer by.

Here's a little taster of what I'm wearing (vintage velvet print trousers for a bargain £10) before I dash off to the Strand. Speak later, or maybe if you're a lucky one too, see you today at Somerset House.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

How did I get down here?

I have not posted often enough because I have been distracted by a) Temple Run 2 (gah so exciting) and b) business prospects. Oh and by business prospects I mean working £5 an hour as a bartender/ waitress for some sh***y hospitality company that I just want to scream at. I go from doing a Gucci Shoot in the Barbican Garden room to serving tea and coffee in the Barbican Garden room. Wah.
But it's fine, my life will lead somewhere somehow. Like, I've got a lot of cool things going on like photography shoots and blogging jobs but none of them are paid, so I guess I have to make ends meet.
However lets talk about other things. Lets discuss the new Temple Run.

For those of you who don't know what Temple Run is (time to come out from under that rock...), it's an incredible iPhone game in which you jump, slide, swipe to turn and tilt the phone to collect coins, avoid obstacles and ultimately escape the three derranged monkeys that are running after you from the Temple. It's free, which is always good, and I don't want to start a war but I actually prefer it to Angry Birds. In fact, I never really got into Angry Birds.
Anyway, the new Temple Run hits whole new levels of dope. The paths are curved so it's more interesting, there are ropes and trams to slide down rather than just the same path for hours (if you can last that long), and this time you're running from some terrifying lumbering monster which I cannot name. So yeah, give it a try.
I honestly cannot believe that I just used up a blog post writing about Temple Run... welcome to my life.
Talking of the Barbican however, one good thing did come out of working that shift. The Rain Room is an exhibition at the Barbican in which a group of art students questioned 'what if we could control the weather'. Almost the entire room is raining but camera sensors detect where you walk and you stay dry. I thought I had missed the exhibition but luckily I spotted the queue as I left work and despite the hour and a half wait, I convinced my friend, Amy, to sit with me. Ultimately we actually became more obsessed with taking photos because the lighting in the room was so good. I mean, it was pretty cool but you had to walk so slowly for it to work! Give it five years and I'm sure the technology will be ready. Anyway the exhibition is open until March, queue closes at approximately 6pm, and you all still have a lot of time to check it out if you're lucky enough to be in London. I'd like to show you some of what we got out of The Rain Room although I'm afraid that we only had my iPhone for photographs. (ps. Amy kept accidentally calling it the red room of rain haha!) (for those that haven't read 'Fifty Shades Of Grey', there is a key feature called the Red Room of Pain). However we also made a small video and then wasted more of our time at home editing it, making it arty, and timing it with some indie music called 'Tim (The Manhole)' by Everything Everything. Maybe let me know what you think. If you're into the music, check out more of Everything Everything; they recently released a new album called 'Arc' and it really is incredible.

I've decided to include some Everything Everything songs to finish this post because they really deserve the attention. Also, they're an upcoming band who I'm pretty sure are going to do well this year and I like to be pretty savvy and know-it-all about my music (I have to apologise for being annoying haha!).

Until next time! London Fashion Week is coming up and for the first time ever I feel like writing about it and staying on top of the shows. I also have a little surprise for you... watch this space!