Thursday, 16 June 2011


I started scrapbooking a while back now, although the 'project' has not been touched for many months. I'm hitting the scissors and glue again though, because I always find something in a magazine or newspaper which takes my interest or inspires me- whether it is fashion related or something else entirely- and I want to continue so that in many years, I can look back on memories and inspiration. Often, if you by chance happen to browse these scrapbooks of mine, you might find something embarrassing like an article on the Jonas Brothers, or a cute picture of Mark Sailing (Puck from Glee). Yes, there is a topless photo of Ronan Keating...

On the other hand, you'll find something cool like a comparison between a 1990 Johnny Depp on the catwalk and the 2010 version.

The first article dates back to 'Monday 21 September 2009'; taken from The Independent.
 So, have a go- you can buy a plain book in almost any stationary shop, and they don't cost too much. It means that you have something to look back to, something to inspire you, and you make the most out of those magazines ;)

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