Saturday, 20 February 2010

lets all go alice ♥♦♣♠

Tim Burton's film Alice in Wonderland is coming out on the 5th of March (in the UK) and theres a HUGE buzz for it...
Incredible Johnny Depp? Madly Wonderful Helena Bonham Carter? Twilight Lovely Michael Sheen? and more! Sounds fantastic right? Oh wait.. hang on... they want to go and ruin it for us. Apparently, because Disney is being picky and wants to cut the gap between the showing in cinemas and the DVD release to 12 weeks rather than the typical 17 weeks, there is a chance that the 3D film will not play in any odeon, cineworld, or vue (which all represent 95% of the UK's 3D screens). wah, sort it out please we want some of Burton's magic!

In fashion news however, everyones going mad for Alice in Wonderland- 
Christopher Kane's spring 2010- a significant resemblance to the original Alice... yes? 
Quite a cute and 'kitsy' outfit I think... hehe

Stella McCartney- also inspired by Alice. I love her bracelet and necklace with the typical Stella but pretty, muted palette, and her campaign is lovely. I've never really been a Stella fan, but isn't it adorable? it's also pretty unique- I've never seen a fashion ad like it before. Then again, I haven't seen all the fashion ads hehe. (ps. I should add here that stella decorated her entire store with subtle disney characters! aw)
These pieces are by Tom Binns. You can see more of them here and here.
Personally, I love them- I'm a huge fan of cute little charms and beads and things so his designs (especially the gorgeous central gold bracelet) are looovvely (and also relatively cheap- eg. £125 for the gold bracelet- a lot less than I was expecting). 
Aren't the little teacups so sweet?
These are his main limited edition pieces (priced at a LOT more ($1000-$2000)). I don't like them as much- too dark and vivid for my taste but I guess that's an occurring theme in Wonderland.

Swarovski have joined in the game. I don't like Swarovski- it's pretty but too exspensive and not really worth it (personally) but I do like their groups- Alice, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, etc...
(I have OCD like that..:/) (by the way sorry for the poor quality of the pictures)
For me, the Cat, Queen's set, and Flower set are a little tacky but I adore the delicacy and appeal of the rest. 
The collection is available on 1st March 2010, with a cheap (for Swarovski) price range-  around £70- £280.

 I have a new love. It's this clutch by Love Moschino. £180. 
I adorreee the vibrate colours, the random array of hearts, and of course, the inspiration of Alice in Wonderland.

Alice In Wonderland Book Of Shadows set by Urban Decay - may I say delightful here without sounding like a fool?
 Only £28, out on the 22nd February in Debenhams in the UK, and already out but extremely hard to get a hold of in the US (I think it's sold out there.. not sure). Urban Decay have done well here- a cute set- limited and special. 
 Even MORE beauty products for ya! (wow.. this Alice in Wonderland list is getting prety long eh?).
Anyway, enjoy these nail polishes by O.P.I 
(- Off With Her Red!
- Absolutely Alice
- Mad as a Hatter
- Thanks so Muchness!)
  Mad as a Hatter- pictured above- looks crazy but apparently in person, it sparkles in the light amazingly. hmm maybe I should try it?
I both love and hate this Versace bag... It's quite garish but I figure it could look amazing with the right outfit, and I like the hectic patterns. It's easy to spot the Alice in Wonderland areas... however, price on request (eek) always scares me :(

These stunning Nicholas Kirkwood shoes are window only for the French Department store Printemps, but that doesn't prevent me from admiring them in all their mad glory. 
Black, white, red, and green? What a unique and successful palette! Talk about fairytale shoes...
 Click hereto see some of the other items in the Printemps window display (Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane, and more contributed)
 The pieces above are from Alice Temperley's spring/ summer 2010 collection. I love the collection- it is made up of simple yet striking colours, intriguing and contrasting patterns, and a mixture of feminine and masculine shapes. At the same time it was inspiring to look at and contained a range of pieces from everyday- comfy to overthetop- evening.
The Alice in Wonderland inspiration is obvious from the colours (black, white, and red (not pictured above)), patterns (hearts, diamonds, stripes etc...), and top hats.  A really amazing designer.

I think I should finish there.. but if you are in London, I recommend you go to Selfridges (note: do Selfridges actually sell fridges? hehe). On the 22nd of February 2010, 5 of the shop windows will be set up beautifully dedicated to Alice in Wonderland complete with costumes from the film, and the Wonderland room will be the perfect oppurtunity to buy some of the things I have listed above, and more!
Anyway, I must go now! I am craving a Rubicon Mango juice mmmm :)


Anonymous said...

you have a really good blog. :) I especially like this post! i can't wait for alice!!!! :)

Stray From The Mode said...

aww thanks.. me too (about alice). I love Johnny Depp :p

Rose Taylor said...

hey, i found you on! :) i sent you a message there!

but wanted to comment here, incredible post!!! i really enjoyed reading it. i am a HUGE stella fan, so thanks for including those ads. :)

i had not noticed this alice in wonderland trend, so thanks for giving me a heads up on it!


Stray From The Mode said...

lol thankyou!!
I haven't checked out I'll go there now.
Well now I've started this blog, my aims are to make a blog which gives people a heads up on something they may not know about, and to entertain people. So thanks for looking and commenting- it's really appreciated! (you watch gossip girl by any chance?)

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Hey, great post, just wanted to let you know I linked you on my blog in return for the link!

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I have been loving all of the Alice inspired fashion out there lately! That Christopher Kane dress and Tom Binns pieces are absolutely adorable.
I was admiring those window shoes for a while too!
check out my blog (:

Michele said...

Soo awesome, love the jewelery and nailpolish so much!

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thankyou! Become a follower for more updates!
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Closet full of hopes and dreams said...

Everybody seems to be crazy about Alice right now! I also made a post about Alice earlier. But I didn't go as deep into the subject as you did! :)

Jasmin Alexia said...

this is a really wicked post! i didnt realize how much alice was going around!!

i love your blog! keep up the amazing work

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hey! cute blog - and great post on alice haha, i didn't realize there was so much either.
ps. check out/follow my blog? :)

mel said...

great post! i really love alice in wonderland, so so excited for the movie! i didnt realise how inspired culture was becoming by this but i just love it. so so so amazing

Jillian said...

i'm obsessed with the nicholas kirkwood shoes!
your blog is amazing by the way!
link exchange?

Robbin said...

great post! i am drooling over those tom binns pieces. i have never seen them before but they're so playful and cheery =)

- robbin

Stray From The Mode said...

thanks everyone- new posts, check 'em out :)

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