Saturday, 20 February 2010

McQueen Samsonite Black Label

Sorry to have not posted in such a long time but I've been very busy, and I also didn't know what to write after McQueen's death. You could say I was, and still am, lost for words.

However, I have found something which has been around for years but I never knew about. Alexander McQueen, in 2006 (I think...), worked with Samsonite Black Label to create luggage.

I love the pieces, although I find them slightly creepy. Although that does sort of describe McQueens general style- creepy. He loves to push the limits.  There are more in the collection, including the limited edition silver ones pictured below. I don't like those so much- the silver distracts from the form. 
I really love the white tortoiseshell suitcase though- I saw one in the flesh and its pretty nifty with a beautiful patterning on the inside, plenty of compartments (pictured above), and I like the similarity to a tortoise.
 My favourite part about the collection however is the personal touch- McQueen's own fingerprint on the zipper (below) makes me  desperate to bag one of my own. (I'll have to add it to the White and Navy classic Mcqueen Silk scarf I just bought ;) )
  Anyway more updates coming soon... I must go now.. I'm completely exhausted with jet lag :(

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