Wednesday, 10 February 2010

open up a style box

I've had a pretty exciting few days- I got into my dream school for sixth form next year,  I'm currently relaxing in West Palm Beach in Florida, and my amazing Mum has bought me one of my dream items- The JC- DC Leopard Heels. They aren't just heels with a leopard print, they bring the face and tail with them too:

I adore these shoes, and I am so insanely happy right now.

In other news, anybody else see Rihanna wearing a Viktor & Rolf dress at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy bash?

I would have gone for one of the other options in the collection, but she's still pulled it off fantastically! She later changed into a striking Elie Saab Haute Couture Gown, with strong sc-fi shoulders, an elegantly flowing hem, and a ruffled front. She certainly loves to stand out with strong shapes, and her style, for me, is unique, outrageous, and beautiful.
Talking of styles, I am so not going for Kelis lately. In early January she was spotted wearing an all leather and fur outfit. She literally looked like a black loo brush. It was just too overdone, and not at all flattering. In late January she opted for a futuristic look complete with Mcqueen's latest heels:

Really? What was she thinking?! There's going extreme on your outfit and looking good like Lady Gaga, but this does not look good. She has killed off Mcqueen's gorgeous shoes with an idiotic hair do, over the top jewellery and additionals on her face, and  a matt-pink all in one with what seems like weird bits of gold on her upper half.
This whole crazy look isn't working for you Kelis, sorry.

I recently came across Linda Schailon-a designer attempting to make the 'world cleaner and more colourful'.
She has designed rings made from straws:
and she charges usually €8 or €12. It's original I have to admit, but I don't think it's going to be succesful at all. Who would pay when they can easily make one themselves? They are certainly adorable, and Linda perfects them with flair, but can you picture anyone apart from a young child wearing one? For example, Victoria Beckham? (haha they would look good with one of her Armanis wouldn't they? Though now she can't wear heels I do wonder where her wardrobe is going next...)
So good luck Linda, but I don't think it will be as successful as you have planned. <-- her website.

Anyway that's all for now.. I must go- the beach and the sun are waiting for me (I wonder if I will eventually get a tan! aha)

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