Tuesday, 16 March 2010

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Hellooo everyone!! Wow, I'm so sorry I've neglected this blog for so long but (I hope I don't bore you with tedious details) but I've been playing the rold of Voldemort in the Mysterious Ticking Noise...
For those who don't know it:
(It turns out that helping some friends and offering to fill in for those selfish people who BACK OUT last minute from the talent show at my school *cough cough* leaves me with the name 'Voldy' forever. Bah Humbug is appropriate here, yes?)
In other news, I'm going lyric crazy and finally getting round to learning the 'Technologic' by Daft Punk lyrics. (10 lines in woo). Also, I'm actually supposed to be tidying my room right now- my Mum got back from America this morning, had a fit when she saw my room, and so now I'm writing this post on my secretly stolen laptop hehe. (not literally stolen- it's just supposed to be downstairs with my Mum haha).

Ok so in more serious bee's knees style (I only discovered what that meant a few days ago! I thought it actually meant the knees, belonging to the buzzing bees! achh!), while I've been busy attempting to catch up on art, attending show rehearsals, and altogether being very lazy, I decided to take a snapshot of an outfit.
I wanted something edgy- so I combined designer (the Alexander Mcqueen scarf), vintage (the denim waistcoat), girly (pearls and lace both from Forever 21 in America), and chic, (the shoes from Irregular Choice and silk shorts from Forever 21). As you've probably figured, I fell in love with Forever 21 when I recently went to Floorrrida baby (mmm sun- seems so distant now in dreary London). Cheap trends? What's not to like?!
 OK, so my body shape looks a little demented in the first photo- and the quality is not so great- but its a bit tricky when you have to put the camera on self timer! *note to self- next time ring a friend! (aka. school nights are not appropriate so do some work silly Mamie)* tee hee
I played around with the colours of the background on photoshop so the clothes would be more catchy. I think I got a little caught up in it eh?? Especially as- well, you should of seen my room afterwards! Just getting to the bottom of the pile in my wardrobe was a nightmare, and the reason why I'm sneakily on my laptop now :( har har har.

 So now I've rambled on, let's talk fashion? Numero uno. I want to get this straight- people are considering clogs might come back? I'm sorry but Karl Lagerfeld- as much as I love you, NO NO NO! I know this is old news but it's still a topic of discussion, and I want to CHANGE that topic A.S.A.P. Clogs make me think of hillbillies in the mountains with goats, cheese, and yodelling (don't ask)!
Chanel Spring/ Summer 2010
As beautiful as those legs are, boo hoo the clogs! Please, please no more!
And then onto numero dos- capes are back WOO and NAI.
Woo because I think they are gorgeous- come on that ^ so works... loose, easy, striking, brilliant yeah? So capes ponchos and all that- it works. However, its a Nai 'cos I don't really like to go back to my old days of fashion- I try and avoid anything I wore between the ages of 7 and 10. Eek...
 Also, I'm not really so keen on a few of the capes on the Fall 2010 catwalks-
 Alexander Wang Fall 2010    /       Marc Jacobs Fall 2010
Sorry but these are just too plain and boring for me. They have a much too heavy feel, and of course capes are not exactly flattering- I find these two push the boundaries of unflattering to a whole new extreme.
(Sorry again dear Alexander and Marc- I do love most of your creations)
Talking of trends- I hear Red Velvet is a new hit (mmm Hummingbird cupcakes...)

Ok fine, maybe not that kind of red velvet, but check out style.com- they have a whole article about the hype, with a glorious array of pictures, and there is really no point in me just taking their pictures so enjoy xD
And the last thing about trends I must pester you about- GLOVES. OK fiinne, so they aren't officially a trend, but (in London) we are on the verge of spring- that time when it's still chilly but you don't want to get out your coats because you have that etching feeling where you think you look like an eskimo? (ok just me then hahah oops).  Actually we should be experiencing spring now but the pesky weather is och aye so cold :(
I want to make it clear- I do not mean big, huge, fluffy, 'ooh I need to keep warm gloves', instead, I'm talking about those lovely thin vintage (or even slightly less thin, cashmere) slip-ons that do not prevent you in using your hands for the simplest of tasks. (You know? When you have gloves on and you have to take them off because you cant undo something or press the keys on your phone or any other annoying task and that's when you realise you want some fingerless gloves but you don't actually have any and you also realise you will probably never get round to buying a pair?)
(As a summary) I'm thinking of-

So there is a lot more I would LOVE to say- but I'm afraid it's late (ok- wow I just looked at the clock and yes it's extremely late I am such an idiot)- and I really really really have to go to bed!
So good night!
Taaa. (I'll leave you with some snappy Daft Punk)
(Actually that's an idea- perhaps I should take inspiration for my next photo from that video? It's pretty insane, and J'adore insane hahaa)

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