Friday, 26 March 2010

Mas Que Nada

Aloha everyone!
So this is what, my third month of blogging? And I want to say a HUGE thankyou, (even huger than this Viktor & Rolf Fall 09 Coat- Poncho- Thing:
Though of course I easily forgave them once I saw this chiffron tailored and outrageous beauty:
And once I quickly "borrowed" some of their new perfume which I found at a friends house, and which was lodged away in some deep dark corner (matrix style) and looking incredibly unloved. *glares*
Because you know how some perfumes are so... 'you'?
They have the nifty touch, others have the shifty touch where they smell adorable from the bottle but on you its like 'phwoar how much for what now?'
Hang on, I'm warbling and getting distracted. Kk, so here's a great big thankyou to my followers so far who have decided to support me in my world domination *mwahhaaaa shifty eyes*
 Very... Transformers/ Unicron style world take over *mwahaha is repeated*. I still know the lyrics to that actually (see a few posts ago), and they pop into my head EVERY physics lesson. I think my teacher caught on I hadn't actually revised for the test, but maybe that was why he was so ecstatic when he told me my test score (O.K, wow, I'm officially senile- I've just forgotten my percentage. Oh dear...but I think it was in the 80s? And before you all judge me, can I point out the majority of my class got in the 60s or 70s so har har judgers your judging is foiled!) Oh, and obviously I'm not really intending to buy a white cat and stroke it slyly while you can only see the back of my chair and then I spin round all Dr. Evilish declaring war on any fashion designer who doesn't give me those oh so fine Miu Miu heels... (Translated from Mamie-ish into English: Thankyou so so so so much for all the comments, mail, and followers!)

In other news PHOTO UPDATE wooo *gets the party poppers and popcorn*.
And now I'm craving popcorn which means after this new post, I'm going to have to pause my lovely Michael Bublé music, climb out of my obscenely comfy bed, and make myself some popcorn. (I have to satisfy my cravings ok! :( teehee)
I think I may need to control my ramblings. I guess it's that 'Easter is coming, chocolate is coming, school holidays are coming' combined with the MENTAL stress of 'Things I'm doing in the Easter Holidays: revision, art, revision, art, some more art, and some more revision', so I really do apologise, and I really do need to get on with it so here's the outfit:
It's pretty bland, sure, but I wasn't in the mood for a fresh, drapey, or original look. I just wanted to do a bit of Cheryl- hence the heels, super skinny black jeans, and military shaped but colourful jacket. The McQueen scarf is for the contrast of the bright white with the other dark pieces (and also because I'm still head over heels in love with it and it's my pride and joy).

So I'm gonna leave you there...
Mucho amor, amigos!


Style, She Wrote said...

Great quote in your header; who said it?

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Stray From The Mode said...

not the original but by al jarreau :)

Dani said...

Love you blog and your style of writing! That Viktor and Rolf poncho is insane! Great outfit by the way, all the colors look really great together.


Stray From The Mode said...

feel free to follow it guys!

Really Petite said...

Love your blog..... :)

Frezzy said...
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Frezzy said...

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