Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Copy cat, copy cat where have you been?- I've been to London to visit McQueen

Actually I noticed this quite a long time ago when I was adoring, falling in love with, and needing so that I could breathe at last, all the Spring/ Summer beauties, but I'm too much of an idiot and I COMPLETELY forgot woopsie....

 Alexander McQueen Fall 2009   /   Armani PrivĂ© S/S 2010
Popping the same bubbles much? Ok, so Armani have taken on a more elegant and swift theme, but generally it's the same idea.
Alexander McQueen Spring 2009 /  Karl Lagerfeld S/S 2009
Karl actually had some shapes even more similar to McQueen's, but I like this dress, and it had similar-shaped patterns... *grins* Anyhow.. notice the similarity?

Alexander McQueen (collection unknown sorry...) / Givenchy Spring 2010 RTW
Come on... you have to see the connection? Freakishly similar right? 

So... those are some examples. There are more, but I'm in a bit of a hurry (art art art as usual- seriously my friends don't even say 'What you up to?' (or even wuu2) anymore. :( My life is too typical. Its turned into the tragic disaster of either art, or tidying my room due to my Mum's OCD madness and my inability to keep things in ORDER.)
So see ya!


Jillian said...

now that you point out the similarities, I totally see them!
your blog is fantastic - want to do a link exchange?

iamronel said...

yeah i agree with jillian that your blog is fantastic...

last blog's iamronel

Stray From The Mode said...

Thankyouu :)

Stray From The Mode said...

feel free to follow it guys!

Le Jardin said...

they're similar but so differnt

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