Monday, 12 April 2010

You're not supposed to.

Amidst my sad, lonely revision, I heard a sad, lonely tale. Supergrass- one of the most amazing bands ever for 17 YEARS *ahem ahem thats dedication and brilliance*- are splitting up. This is worse than Kanye taking over the stage, or turning up in the same outfit as Kelis to a party. I remember the day when they first enlightened my ears.
It was the song 'St. Petersburg'. An instrumental delight, and a song of music talent and genius. It's literally Einstein music.(oh by the way, be prepared for mass linkage in this post mwahha)
Just listen to that instrument combination. Ahh <3 Almost better than Rubicon Mango Juice (which- um, Mum? I love you, and I ADORE the way you think of me and buy numerous cartons for me everytime you go shopping, but, revision is boring, and rubicon is delicious, and I can't stop drinking it, and I'm starting to feel sick, but I can't help myself, so yeah, maybe slow down on the purchases? :p)
Anyhoo. Supergrass have a tour coming up soon, and, Supergrass, you are NOT supposed to split up and this is NOT meant to be your last tour, because daym I wanna see you live, but your tour in June is splat bang in the middle of my GCSEs and this is careless to one of your most dedicated fans. wah. 
You should take note from your songs :)
(^It's hilarious and tuneful (yes not a word- but I've deemed it appropriate) and just Supergreat (Geddit? The pun? :p))

OH, and to finish off my Supergrass rant, you'll all probably recognise this number:
Wooo. Love it :) And also excusing the dodgy haircuts because they're splitting up and they need some love and care (and probably some Rubicon mango juice to cheer them up! :))

Ok, I'll stop boring you now. So in other news: NEW OUTFIT UPDATE. Wahey. I finally stopped being lazy and took a few photos. 

Shoes- Irregular Choice
Skirt- Thrift (aka. Vintage, but I just love the American word 'thrift' hehee)
Top- Gift. It was one of those squares and you put it in water and booom, it's a t-shirt. Hhaha
Belt- TopShop
Denim Jacket- H&M

I like this outfit 'cos it's simple but different. You can wear the tops in two ways, as you can see. But I prefer it when it's rolled up and shorter because it increases the length of the skirt, and therefore emphasises the vintage style and lengthens the legs. However, when longer, it creates an interesting outfit shape with the poofy skirt and increases your curves.
Reason for the denim jacket? I like mixing themes- so I mixed modern with vintage. Well, the jacket can be considered modern in some ways. And it'll do. It also brightens the look up and moves away from the dark colours. Anyhow, let me know what you think with comments and whatnot :)

Oh and before I say tataa, take a look:
C'est MIU MIU at Because Magazine. Spiffy eh?
Ok must dash now. Back to chemistry revision and la di da; I won't bore you with details. 


Krimly said...

lovely skirt!


Jillian said...

the skirt is killer!