Monday, 12 April 2010


Oops, almost forgot!
In the latest Grazia magazine, we've been told that gladiator sandals 'won't be getting much of an airing this summer'.
Hpmh. Well, excuse me, but I bought mine (late on the trend but whatever) before I went to Greece, then I wore them in Greece, then I got back and London gave me rain and cold and I had to ignore them, UNTIL NOW. Woo. And THEN (long story here) Grazia tells me they are not acceptable. Sorry, but toughy, deal with it.
I'm sticking with my sandals. I repeat: Woo.
Your opinions? Do you approve... or not? 


Buky said...

Who cares what a magazine says?
I love it and im so sticking to it.
i'lld wear 80s neon pants even if they were not a trend.
i like to wear what makes me happy and confident

Style and Fashion said...

I love gladiators-they are the biker boots of summer!

Please check out:

P.s-love your blog!


Margaux. said...

I have no intentions of dropping my gladiators any time soon!

Frezzy said...

I love gladiators! I just bought new ones!
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