Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Tut tut

I have to apologise, for I am a very, very, very bad blogger. I'm as bad as Karl when he tried to bring back clogs, I'm as bad as the owner of crocs (their name isn't even worth looking up) when they tried to bring these to our stores:

Or as bad as supergrass when they announced they're splitting up (Oh, for the record- there will be no Mamie at their last ever gig :( I came to my senses and put GCSEs before a concert). Or (and do not fear- this is the last 'or') when Busted decided they will reunite- but without Charlie.
Come on! Without Charlie? The life and eyebrows of the trio? Gah.
But yes, I am a bad blogger, I have neglected you for a month. Partly due to my computer dying and crashing and basically being a pain, partly because I FORGOT (yeah... so far revision and learning for my exams not so great), and partly because- well- my exams!
Except you don't want to hear about those so va va voom lets move swiftly onwards.

A few outfits perhaps? 
All vintage (stolen from the lovely madre hehe)-
Kenzo suit (the matching trousers and blazer)- oh there's a gorgeous silky loose shirt to match too yay
Ralph Lauren Trousers (the silky silky oh so smoothy, elongating the legs CRAZILY, ribbed black creations)
Checked shirt- No idea... but the tag says Resource, Amsterdam.... hmm. okey dokey. Btw this is the lovliest thing to wear. It's very fluid and loose, and its perfect to keep you warm, OR as a thin thing in warm weather. Ooh, and it has a matching top- basically a t-shirt but a lot more loose and a lot more 30s meets 80s.
Beige Suede Shoes with tiny kitten heels- Joan & David. I love these- comfy, unique, and chic (gah what an awful word but here its appropriate and cool like pink lemonade :)). They look quite dirty in the photo hmmm... Ok I admit I'm a retard and I was CARELESS and wore them to a busy show but the darker area is TINY and wouldn't be visible in the photo so tis the shadow, k? 
Aaand not my Mum's- cheap black strappy vest (Forever 21?) and belt- car boot sale wahey. 

Soo, yeah, I tried to hop in with the pastels and block colour ride, ooh and that whole 'summery loose trousers for a smart- casual effect' thing those mags have got goin' awwn. Unusual of me to go trend- loony but I guess it was an excuse to bring out that belt (which when I bought was way too huge for me but it was pretty- and what do you do with pretty things? HAND OVER YOUR GOODS FOR THE GOODS. geddit? Man, I'm gonna be broke when I'm older).

In other news (though you have probably already seen this... meh)- THIS IS FASCINATING. That's a strange sentence there... but seriously! I dislike the new Prada spring/summer but I once I click that little play button I cannot for the love of mango juice (WE ARE OUT OF MANGO JUICE OMEGEE) turn my eyes away:
Maybe it's the music, or the fact that I HATE the hair and make up and and ew tacky see-through plastic bags and ew come on! You are supposed to be prada! Or... maybe its the confidence oozing out of that girl... Anyway despite the flaw-, the clothes look good, she looks good- good video! Correction- awesome video*

I will return, I PROMISE! In the meantime go check out bryanboy :) Nightynight...


holly x said...

exams... baaaargh! currently failing finals at uni, but your blog is cute- keep at the revision thing, and soon you can do whatever you like!
ps, busted reforming... wahhh???

Stray From The Mode said...

hahaa thanks :p
yeah, i read this thing where they said they were going to try and make a comeback, whether charlie joins them or not haha. dont forget to follow if you like it :p

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