Friday, 21 May 2010

melts your mind away

Phwoar. The music is catchy, and the video plays with your head. What's not to like? 
The simplicity is pretty dam beautiful. Who would wear this in the street? Well, I'd try ;) Sadly, I have no idea about the designer, photographer etc... If anyone has ANY info please please share, merci.

YES, LADIES AND (gentlemen?)- THIS IS NICK HOULT. Ok, yes he is fairly recognisable- PLEASE EXCUSE MY IDIOCY- but I did not recognise him. Yep, that's one good ad. I love the vintage feel, and that sultry little look in the second one. Tom Ford? Genius
(2010 Campaign)

And here's a little something to leave you with- If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?


Lauren Fernandez said...

i just wanted to let u know that i saw ur blog on the thread that i posted on and its really great! quirky and fun. im definitely going to follow you!

happy blogging!

Stray From The Mode said...

awww thankyou so much!

Maia said...

i love her tan line and super winged eyeliner. also i think his hair is fine, but she should brush her own. i completely agree about the skirt. i think i can life without the top however..
great post!

Erica said...

I saw your blog on teenvogue too! Keep updating :D Don't get discouraged. I plan on following you, follow me too?

I really love that skirt! I would totally pair it with a plain white pencil skirt to make it funky :D

Classy and Delicious

Jillian said...

I love the combo of the tuxedo shirt and cage skirt!