Wednesday, 22 February 2012

When I am older, I want to be a trendy mummy.

I live in a village predominately occupied by the very old or the very young. (The young, of course, accompanied by their parents). It's a lovely place to grow up- we have a large green, a pond where the kids can feed the ducks, and although we are still part of London (central London is only a bus ride away), we don't get the noise and bustle that's typical of a busy city.

I'm currently on that bus, and though I shall update this on a laptop later, I can't help but comment on the fashion of my neighborhood. Perhaps the advantage of Central London is the glitz and glam on a daily basis that this small village can't offer. Indeed, I feel rather out of place in my boho midi dress and my snake-print brogues.

But, then again, I don't expect much. Once you're past the age of 60, I expect you're past the point of caring what Vogue says. And who's judging the 3 year olds?

I am not judging anyone by the way- in fact, the majority of my area are well kept and well presented.  But looking at these families and these OAPS reminds me of how I want to live my life; you see I have it all set out:

Following University, I shall become part of the fashion industry (lets hope!). I intend to live and work in Paris for a couple of years, New York for a few years, and London for the rest of my life. After marriage (if anyone will take me!), I shall bring up my children in a place just like I was brought up (hopefully, this very village). At this point I shall be one of those chic and well-groomed Mothers who will follow the latest Vogue and Bazaar while still maintaining the sensible appearance of a Mum. While some of the Grannies and Mums who I see don't quite put the effort it, I shall be sleek and glam.

No more boho dresses, but I can keep the brogues. I'm thinking
From left to right, top to bottom: Jason Wu- sheer striped fine-knit silk sweater, Jonathon Saunders- oval waffle-knit cotton sweater, Isabel Marant- Luz hooded cotton and linen blend cardigan, Alessandra Rich- silk-cloqué and crepe gown, Hakaan- denisha mesh pencil skirt, Burberry London- cotton twill and raffia effect trench coat, Alexander McQueen- embellished cotton skull T-shirt, Alexander Wang- printed high-rise skinny jeans, Helmut Lang- asymmetric paneled cotton-blend sweater, J Brand- Zooey leather-trimmed linen-blend blazer, Christian Louboutin- Miss Tack 100 leather ankle boots, Yves Saint Laurent- New Chyc calf hair knee boots.

All of these were found after a quick flick through Net-a-porter and I think this selection is pretty accurate to what I have in mind. While the Louboutins add a touch of glam, casual t-shirts and sweaters enhance the Mumsie-feel. Alexander McQueen is, of course, a staple item, and while the printed jeans add something of the exotic to an otherwise dull wardrobe, the grey blazer is classy, formal, and structured. I chose grey because otherwise there is just far too much black, and a black blazer seems inappropriate for a Mum. 

I'm just counting on a husband who can pay for all this... ;)

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holly x said...

call me mumsie already, but i am in LOVE with the asymmetric helmut lang sweater! and i know exactly what you're on about
I live in an area where barbours are what you wear while plowing fields, not a fashion staple :S