Monday, 20 February 2012

London Fashion Week

So everybody is buzzing about London Fashion Week. Possibly the most annoying bit was the girl on Facebook who uploaded pictures of her outfits; 'London Fashion Week outfit 1', 'London Fashion Week outfit 2' et cetera.
She then continued with the statuses and photos.
Okay I get it- you are invited to London Fashion Week and yes I'm a little bit jealous but I just, don't, care. Why? I don't quite see you giving me your invite. :p

I haven't posted in a while because I have been passed out in bed and when I say 'passed out', I mean ill, and when I say 'ill', I can tell you that I get every kinda ill that my body has to offer.
I won't give the gory details but I can verify that it has been nicely finished with a coldsore. Yummy. (sarcasm)
I won't bring you down with more negativity, although, I did just finish watching the McQ Autumn/Winter 2012 live stream on their Facebook page and I feel very disappointed. I don't agree that Khaki is back, I don't think that the hair was 'cool', 'interesting' or 'trendy' (I just thought that it looked like a bulb of garlic), I only caught a little interest when the deep pink-red hues appeared and I only liked the large coat which was clinched in at the waist, forming a 50's poodle skirt-esque shape.

Alexander McQueen is, as you might well tell, one of my all time favourite designers. However, it seems their contemporary collection of McQ this time round, is not in my favour. Ah well.

I'm not sure where you can watch it now that it is over, but this is where it streamed.

On a lighter note, I found my dream wedding dress. I have always said (oh my poor dear future husband) that I shall wear either Vera Wang, or Alexander McQueen. Preferably McQueen but it must be an original and not designed by Sarah Burton. By the time of my wedding (if anyone is willing to put up with me that is), this could be extremely difficult to find. So of course, I have to have options. I may be 17 but you have to plan for these things. In Tescos however, I spotted this (Oh God, imagine a Tesco's wedding dress!)

The model annoys me (what a fake smile) (also go away that's my dress).
No clue who it is by, but isn't it just so intricately sparkly and prettttyyyyyyy. I'm such a girl.

A few more quick things. I was browsing a book on Vivienne Westwood in Art the other day (ahh, so productive) but, strangely, few pages made me gasp with delight and I found little that hooked me. I'm usually a big fan so I blame whoever put the book together (I tried to find it on Amazon but I can't remember the front cover/ name, sorry!). This, however, J'adore
It's just so sleek and sexy (and French?). It makes me think of the Cello: not quite sure why.

Before I go, here's what I wore today with a simple pair of jeans and black shoes: chunky, bright (possibly too bright for The Queens Gallery, Buckingham Palace (oops; I was there today)), not particularly flattering, but hello retro;
Quite a contrast to Westwood's work above eh?

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