Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I will keep following the sirens

Oh dear. Once again, the title is a quote from a song. I become temporarily obsessed with one song for a few weeks and it seems to be my only inspiration for a post title at the moment. This current title refers to 'White Nights' by Oh Land

Indeed, my titles echo my lack of inspiration and I think that I am in need of fresh air; fresh ideas. For now, however, a rather simple and boring post. Apologies.

I found a few amusing images from the photo shoot last week. You may not know Clementine, but I hope that you find these as entertaining as I do! Haha!

The image below is a photograph taken in Spain by Cullum in the summer 2011. It was taken on an old, film mamiya camera (£3 at a car boot sell!). I really love this image; the muted tones are incredibly alluring- truly the image of white sand and clear sky. The bright blue that I'm wearing however both reflect the sea in the distance and stand out emphatically.

I found this particular image somewhere online. I have absolutely no clue where from, but isn't it pretttyyy?

I found this image in some old files on my old computer. I remember how much I loved this outfit and hence I snapped away, intending to upload some photographs to the blog. I, um, never got round to it...awkward pause at my poor blogging skills... but here you go now. It's a leather skirt from topshop, a white jumper from topshop (which was uber soft and borrowed from a friend), and a thin, double-wrap, studded belt from I-have-no-idea-where (which I also borrowed from a friend). This close-up is the only photograph I could find. I really liked the contrast of fabrics; soft on leather on metal studs. Edgy meets comfortable. 

That is all for now, although, hopefully you may have noticed the new layout? I decided that to go with the new year, it was time for a new look.

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