Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I had everything; opportunities for eternity

The title lacks class and style but sometimes you can't help but write down the lyrics currently playing. Also with the way my life is turning I feel that these words are appropriate.

Now, you may have deliberated that I wish to be a part of the ever-growing fashion industry. Indeed, I have my heart set on it, but I am yet to choose a department.
Photography, journalism, design, stylist, productions; the possibilities are endless.

For now I am young (and wild) and free so I grabbed my bestie and forced her to model for me. I wanted to take an aim at styling and fashion photography, and although I knew that posing for photos would make Clem die a little bit inside, she is so pretty that I wouldn't take no for an answer.

I used GIMP (aka. free photoshop,I am not kidding you it is almost identical) and toyed with my creations.
Let me know what your opinions are, feel free to shred me to pieces (try and be kind), but hopefully they should be to your taste.

Oh and remember that this is my first time, I'm no Nick Knight.


 Perhaps a little extreme but I love the ephemeral beauty here. Also the lack of contrast and deathly pallor remind me of bit in The IT Crowd when the Vicar calls,

"Death! Death is coming. Death is here. Death is outside. There's no escape. You can run- death will catch up. My, who's that knocking at the door? Yes. It's death."

(But indified by quite a bit)
Hello casual yet slightly seductive posture. Oh and shoes: Topshop, tights: no idea, jumper: Mum's old posh swanky stuff, earrings: Urban Outfitters
You can see she got quite into the modelling job. We took these images quite late so the stark contrast and creative lighting was already in place on the bridge.
Jumper: models own (Urban Outfitters?), skirt: River Island, boots: Carvela, necklaces: assortment of vintage and antique treasures
We had less worthy shots with this outfit as poor Clem got a little tired. That girl can't go long! Leggings: boogoo/misguided?, denim shirt: vintage, jumper and boots: local charity shop, earrings: Urban Outfitters

Possibly one of the biggest issues is narrowing down the final selection from the hundreds that get taken. I got carried away and started snap-snapping like the Paparazzi.
I also created a short video. While snapping away with the camera, I took aout 40 seconds of quick footage to experiment. When I arrived home I decided to play around with the footage and after some chopping I came up with this:

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