Tuesday, 13 November 2012


I have mentioned my scrap book a few times before but I have only written one post on it. It's basically a £5 black binder filled with articles and images of clothes or hot guys from newspapers and magazines. Oh, and a little too much Justin Bieber for my dignity.
When I'm traveling round London for example, I like to pick up the free 'Metro', 'Evening Standard' or 'ES Magazine' that are often floating round, which are major sources of random articles that take my interest.
Everytime I fill a few more pages, I will post them here. I often create outfits and inspirations using different items of clothing. Some of you might like what you see; a topless Jamie Laing? I don't see you complaining, cheeky! There are some things in my scrap book which you might not like nor care about; maybe it's only me that tore out the article on the Harrod's chocolate tap (seriously, chocolate tap!!!). 
I'm already on my second book so I'm starting quite far in, but here goes:
Jessie J, my girl crush. 
Jessie J interview continued. Some style ideas (not sure if I still agree with the top one oops!). The dashing Eddie Redmayne in the Burberry Campaign: of all the weeks to be off work... grr. (I freelance at Burberry). 
Article on the Louis Vuitton AW12 collection- I always love the huge, grand, spectacle catwalks. The other article reads for itself. Please don't hate me!
When Justin Bieber was in London. Chanel's 'Métiers d'Art Collection' which I didn't particularly care for but included because it's Chanel.  Harry Judd from Mcfly proposes (damn). Mcdonald's Monopoly Millions sticker, because the Mcdonald's Monopoly Millions is the highlight of my life; my friends and I get way too excited over it.  The brilliant Sacha Baron Cohen and his ashes stunt at the Oscars. Some style ideas. Some favourite TV programmes of mine- 'Being Human' is a particularly amazing thriller while 'The Voice' showed me Vince Kidd; one of my favourite (and the coolest) artist around. 
Small article on 'Sun, Sex and Suspicious parents'. For those of you who don't know, this programme features unlucky, young adults who excitedly set out for their first 'mental booze-filled' holiday only to find that their parents stalked them and caught them on camera having sex. Or so I exaggerate... but you get the gist. We all laugh, but I would not be happy if my parents did that. A few outfit inspirations. A Dolce & Gabbana campaign which I particularly warmed to. 
Hellooo Chris Zylka. Yes, he pops out of the page doesn't he? Bit odd that he's shaving though. Basically a page full of style inspiration; Alexander Mcqueen SS12, pastel colours, full on prints, block heels and sexy glam as shown by Jessie J. Oh, and a mouth of glitter, because it's cool, duh. 
Halloween may have passed but this is some seriously cool make up (and on the page coming up too). Honestly, you don't have to label yourself just do your makeup how you want and spend the night in the knowledge that you look like you belong in a Nick Knight photoshoot. An advertisement for Justin Bieber's tour (in the hope that I'll get tickets for christmas). More style stuff. Article on the Chanel Coutur collection to mark the label's 80th year; I think that the collection has its ups and downs. An 'up' would be the silver-blend red metallic piece (bottom right) while a 'down' would be the     un-inspirational, been-there-seen-that-but-better two bouclé suit (middle right). 
Final one for the day, and my inspiration for halloween: More totally sexy, too sick, creatively amazing halloween make up. Chanel logo, because it's a classic. Little post about Jack Whitehall, because he's a classic. Article on Diana Vreeland: past editor-in-chief of US Vogue and a very high-glamour, determined and dramatic woman, but sacked in 1971 because, as she put it, 'they wanted a different sort of magazine'.

Before I leave you, I mentioned Vince Kidd so I wanted to quickly expand on that. He's this new, edgy, sort of good-vibe, Camden-type artist who writes and sings like a G. His song, 'Sick Love' is actually played a lot at the moment on the radio and he's getting kinda big. He's got his own fanbase who call themselves KIDDS and I am definitely a Kidd. I've seen him live three times now and was even lucky enough to dance on stage with him. He's such a babe, I came over all shy for some reason but he just got me to scream into the microphone then pulled me up. So so so much love for you Vince. Here's two songs of his, a nice slow one, 'Good thing' and then his main tune, 'Sick Love'. I've posted both the original 'Sick Love' tune because the video is some dark, edgy, pengness, but I've also posted the remastered version with Lady Leshurr because that's the one he's trying to promote right now and that video's also pretty sweet.  

If you want a close up on something from my scrapbook that you can't read but would like to, drop me a comment. Oh, and if you did actually want to read about the Chocolate Tap at Harrods or have a cheeky peek at Jamie Laing's abs, then I guess you'll have to keep reading my blog :p 

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