Monday, 19 November 2012

Instagram that

Ever since I received an iPhone as a birthday present in July, I've been driving my friends crazy with my instagram obsession. At every photograph opportunity I bring my iPhone out. If you've ever watched the amazing comedy 'Miranda', you will know what I mean when I refer to 'bear with' moments.
Well, tough titties my friends. I enjoy photography and I love my iPhone so instagram it shall be. If you have instagram please do follow me: @mamiedaisy :)
I've been chatting about instagram because I want to show you some of my favourite images and share even my even my basic, iPhone photography. Here you go, quite a bulky post-
 Staircase at Somerset House, London

 Reflection in a bulb
 Westbourne Park Canal, London
 Patriotism in the Olympics
 Feeder Concert at BT London Live
 Grasse, France with Max
I found these items lined up, exactly as seen, on Putney Bridge. Left to right: Computer hard drive (I think), phone battery, memory stick, telephone toy for children (I used to have the exact same one), pile of something. each item has been damaged, and I couldn't choose between whether it was art or vandalism. Loved it.

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