Saturday, 24 November 2012

Cobbled Carnaby Christmas

Carnaby Street has been an iconic part of London for over 50 years. It was an epicentre of the swinging sixties and continues today as a trendy hotspot, serving as a gentle break from the large department stores just round the corner in Oxford Street. Its cobbled road only adds to its charming character although these also make it difficult for me to reach Cirque Du Soir, my favourite club which is located nearby, when I'm tottering round in heels or wedges. Every so often there are shopping events on Carnaby Street with discounts, live music, goodie bags and other exciting affairs. My friend, Ellie, and I recently went to one of these and it was definitely a fun way to do your Christmas shopping. I say 'Christmas shopping' but the buying-presents-for-other-people-than-yourself part kinda failed... oops! 
I enjoyed the Oompa Loompa who handed out sweets at the entrance of David & Goliath, the live music that got us dancing at Puma, among other stores, and of course, the 20% discount in every shop. There will be a similar night again this upcoming Thursday and if you're interested, go here to the Carnaby Street Website. I might be there :)
SHOOEEESSS. I would say these were a cheeky indulgence but £40 is a bargain that screams "BUY ME!". (£50 originally, £40 with the 20% discount). I bought these at Dahlia, a really great little boutique that's both reasonably priced and fashionably edgy. Ellie is quite a Croydon girl and I'm a typical London girl so our styles are very different, but we both found plenty of things that suited our styles and that we loved. Check it out for yourself, though I have to say that the stuff on the website doesn't do the brand justice. The super awesome jewellery, bags, shoes and skirts which I liked seem to be only in the shop. I do like, however, these from the website:
Black Shaggy Knit Cardigan £95, Bat-sleeves Diamante Blouse with skull buttons £55- which Ellie bought- (though I actually included this image because of the hat that the model is wearing. This hat, with little ears, surprisingly suited me and has gone straight onto my Christmas Wishlist (hint hint)), Khaki Button Back Studded Collar Blouse £50.
Hats with ears from Topshop. Also noted down on my wishlist teehee. Candy from David and Goliath mmm. 

What I wore: leather skirt from Topshop, black bag from Bershka, blue long sleeved and paneled top from Whistles (the colour of the top in the first image, taken on my iPhone, is most like the top in reality compared to the other images), black boots from a car booty, earrings from Topshop, black fur jacket from Diesel. As I left the house I realised I was donning a high class, hooker look. Leather skirt, heeled boots, fur jacket, large earrings. Whoops :p

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