Monday, 15 October 2012

Campaign Darling

About two years ago, a friend gave me a gift for Christmas. She was aware that I loved fashion and so she gave me a calendar on which every day featured an image from the fashion world. I kept my favourite pages and the images from the most famous designers. Now, I think that they would feel at home here, on my blog. Also they are quite interesting so I thought you would enjoy them too.

Versace Campaigns: from top to bottom: Gianni Versace 1985, Versace 1994, Versus 1996. It's quite interesting to compare the many diffusion lines of Versace; Versus was a gift from Gianni to his sister, Donatella, in 1989. (Gianni Versace was founded in 1978). I love to see once again the bright, baroque-like prints that Versace does so well. In fact, I posted something similar a while ago, just click here
Ah, and here we have Calvin Klein, founded in 1968: top left 1983, top right 1993, bottom left 1994, bottom right 1995. I particularly love the image with Kate Moss; it's simple, striking, forward and it is captured so well that I almost feel like I'm intruding on this great bond between her and the male model. I find it entertaining that even in 1983 the underwear company acknowledged the power and appeal of a tanned, toned and beautiful man. Speaking of which...

Now this is no Calvin Klein campaign but I just had to include this: Adam Briefs 1976. Oh so daring and oh so brilliant. Where I work, I am surrounded by re-touchers and it's fascinating to observe their jobs and what they are required to do. These days, the fashion industry perfects everything to the very last detail. (and I mean very very last little silly detail) A model with slightly hairier arms than usual? Her arms are edited. And yet here we see that in 1976 the requirements for a body model were not so extreme as they are today. I really respect that. It doesn't make me want to buy the boxers any less and instead it's the creative idea behind the campaign that really grabs my attention.
Top left: The Gap 1989, Top right: The Gap 1989, Bottom left: Christian Dior1977, Bottom right: Christian Dior 1977. Ah, Christian Dior my darlings. I absolutely love these campaigns and I think that they should bring them back. Okay so grammatically 'Explosive is Your Dior' makes no sense but it's brilliant, memorable and exciting. Badass women never go out of style. The Gap adverts are pretty simple but cute. To be honest I don't have much to say about them but I thought that Gap was worth including.
And last, but most certainly not least: Bill Blass campaigns. Top: 1966, bottom: 1985. I had never heard of Bill Blass until I found these but I absolutely love these images. William 'Bill' Blass was an American designer best known for his wearable designs. Bill Blass Ltd began in 1959 and continues today, although Bill himself passed away in 2002. You can find Blass collections since 2000 here at I would love to know the inspiration behind the first image; you will notice that the woman is tied up at the front of the man's car. However, her sturdy gaze into the camera seems to assure us that she is not worried or upset. The great city backdrop suggests a sense of power and magnitude which is further echoed by the looming car and I really admire this photo. The second photo speaks for itself. I adore creative and minimal photographs. I also enjoy how the red and black indicate to the woman's sexiness but also stand out against the white background.
That's it, but I have plenty more of these and I will show them to you soon. Bye bye for now :)

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