Friday, 12 October 2012

Guess who's back, back again...

I'm sorry! I keep disappearing, reappearing with the promise never to leave you again and then... yep, disappearing. However I can now guarantee you plenty of updates and plenty of posts. And, my lovers, I promise never to leave you again! I have begun my big steps into the world. I am becoming organised, efficient, and- dare I say it- an adult! I have turned 18, left college, started permanent work, and I aim to pursue this blog as a serious commitment during my gap year and then into my career as an undergraduate student in University. 

My timing is a bit lame to be honest, as I've missed London Fashion Week, but I think I can provide you with enough raw and interesting material. Take my tights for instance; how damn cool are these bad boys:

I was lucky enough to find them in a charity shop! £18, brand new, never been worn and authentic. They'll probably stay that way for another five years until I find the special occasion to wear them at or until I build the courage to risk a ladder. DIY idea: Grab a pair of tights, and stitch into them. I've never tried it, but it might work.

A few more photos for you, and then I'll leave it at that for the first post. I thought that I'd tease you with a taste of what I've been dressing up in for the past few months and then head off ;) See you soon.
Blue hair, blue day! (although a happy day...!) Skirt from whistles, jacket from primark, top stolen from my Mum's old clothes, chain stolen from my brother. 
Nottinghill Carnival-themed clubbing, so I opted for this vintage black knit dress, covered in various sequin flowers. 
 Lord and Lady of the manor eh eh? College end of year ball. Went with this black maxi dress (designer unknown), black stilettos, earrings I made myself a few years ago and a vintage Butler and Wilson embroidered clutch. Two images, so that you can see the close up of the dress and the embroidered patterns.
 Birthday celebrations, so I dressed my girls up fancy. Steph (left) wore my vintage, silver-sequin blazer/jacket thing and metallic long sleeved top from Forever 21. Shoes and skirt are her own. Clem (second left) wore my black suede wedges from ebay (cheap haha!), and black strapless LBD from some store in America. I wore black Calvin Klein leather jacket, silver-sequin dress by Louche.
 Oh, um.... Don't ask... welcome to my friends haha!

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