Saturday, 30 January 2010

Military... the comeback.

So I have a lot to say...
First off, I recommend you buy the Vogue Collections Spring- Summer 2010. It's the latest one, and is basically full of pictures and information about the Paris, Milan, London, and New York Catwalks. It's amazing, a delight to read through, and I absolutely love it! :)
Also with the collections, is it just me or was Balmain amazing? I adored the clash of shiny and matt. Decarnin's use of sequins, ripping, studs, and bold shoulders gave the collection a beautiful military look combined with a 'rock star treatment' effect. The practical pieces hold that military influence we all love but whats most interesting is how there is a more more relaxed feel to the military trend than there used to be and at the same time it's much more refined, strong, and sexy.
Many other designers also used added a military feel to their collections.
Alexander Wang used khaki colours, leather and loose shapes (at the same time combining the military with sport, revealing a fair amount of skin and also creating a very 'hardly bothered but still very 'American Cool'' look).
ChloƩ had some beige and khaki colours, hints of military and safari, boyish shapes, capes, and practical bags and pockets (though in my opinion this collection didn't do anything for me- it was much too plain, and did nothing to flatter the models who bore a resemblance to how bored and disinterested office women from the late 1900s would dress).
Max Mara also used a range of neutrals but they opted for more of a sleek business- woman with smart but flattering and elegant clothes. The collection involved many trench coats and jackets, and a lot of silk which created fluidity and beauty. I personally wouldn't choose the pieces as my favourites, but I think Max Mara have done very well.
Loewe used military buttons, caps, a palette of khaki, sandy beige, caramel and pink shades, leather, and rope throughout their catwalk. I liked a few of their pieces- the rope was interesting and a few of their jackets were lovely with great silhouettes and cuts, but I'm not too keen on their use of leather.. It was much too contrasting and almost 'uglifying' to the beautiful pastels they used.
And there were more designers contributed to the military comeback, but how successful will it work out? It takes a lot of attention and effort to get it just right this time round. Personally, I don't think I will attempt it- It's not really me, and I'm way too chicken.

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