Saturday, 19 October 2013

Student Somethings

29 days ago, my parents helped me pack up almost my entire room, load it into the car and drive 201 miles to my new home; student halls with the University of Leeds. I got my official student ID card a few days ago, and though it's a little like a mug shot, it's exciting.

I adore my flat mates- a part of the universtiy process which I was really worried about. During the past few days I've met some interesting people and heard some interesting tales and boy, am I lucky to have these guys in my flat. I'm loving Leed's nightlife which is pretty much 'go hard or go home' and is going beyond my expectations. I've made my room cosy and organised with an Ikea delivery, a bundle of pillows, a beautiful embroidered throw from India which I've pinned to the wall, an obviously essential lava lamp, and a number of photographs from this past summer. 

In other, less personal news, let's talk about Miley Cyrus and Fall Out Boy. Yes, another blogger discussing Miley Cyrus. We are exposed to much worse things than the misuse of a foam finger; if anything I think in retrospect it was rather hilarious. Miley is either a) pushed, blackmailed and pimped by the music industry to attract attention and ultimately pull in the moneys or b) a very clever little lady who is bored with the 'Hannah Montana' image and knows how to get the entire internet and beyond talking about her. My dad knows who she is, and he wouldn't know Harry Styles from Justin Bieber. I don't think Miley even cares if you laugh at her or with her. PS. For halloween costume of the year, see below.

Okay so Fall Out Boy. Yes, I like FOB along with Panic at the Disco, My Chemical Romance and Justin Bieber. I wasn't aware however of FOB's Save Rock and Roll Campaign. Beginning on 8th February 2013, FOB have been gradually releasing a series of music videos for their album, each one being a chapter in a mini horror movie where FOB represent Rock and Roll and some hot, bad bitches are trying to destroy them. There's blood, boobies and more blood, and it's actually kind of cool. How strange, Fall Out Boy are collaborating with Foxes and Big Sean. Cool, but I thought we were emo, guys? Even more strange; Patrick Stump is suddenly incredibly hot. (And in an Ewan Mcgregor sort of way)


Anyway, the songs are good, Patrick's hot, it's all pretty clever; go check it out. Part 1 starts here and the latest release is Part 6.

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