Thursday, 15 August 2013

This lucky bitch

I would sit here and start complaining about how my tan is rapidly fading under London's cloud-filled sky, or how I am dismally living off my parents or how I am feeling the pressures of first-world problems, but who am I kidding? I am one lucky bitch.

I have been enjoying the fruits of España (aka the €4.30 litre of vodka from Mercado in Benicassim, Spain), followed by the luxuries of a five star hotel in Estoril, Portugal (for real this time; think champagne for breakfast and chocolates on your pillow) and then lazing like a lady on a thirty metre 
boat in the South of France.  This has been my summer so far; my lucky getaway break from the 
hassles of London and its bitchy little bubble.

At Benicassim, I met and interviewed Michael and Alex from Everything Everything; one of my favourite bands right now and truly incredible artists. I started the interview off with, 'So this is my first interview ever and I kinda love you guys so I'm really nervous...'. Of course I finished the interview directing them where to find wine in the festival and discussing being drunk on stage. They said it went really well, and I felt the same- if anything, I'm getting rather too big for my boots over my interview skills.  

So, Benicassim was a laugh and a half. We met a tonne of beautiful boys, both at the beach and in swarms around our campsite area. We got drunk, pissed, crunk and every other form of the word every single night. Oh and we listened to some amazing music including The Kaiser Chiefs, who gave a truly brilliant performance, Arctic Monkeys, Knife Party and of course, Everything Everything. 

I went to Portugal on an invite from my friend Tom, where I stayed in a delightfully swanky hotel with Tom, his brother, his friend Paula, his father, and his father's girlfriend.  That was very peaceful and I managed to build up- for the first time in my life- an actual, holiday tan. Yes that's right, I actually came home and was told by friends and family, that I look brown. The usual response? 'I thought you've been on holiday in the sun?' This year? 'Urgh, I hate you you're so brown'. Time to bring out all my white, tan-intensifying clothes. 

After Portugal I headed to Nice, in the South of France, for a few days. There, I stayed with my friend Max's family. I completely adore his family, so I had a lovely time. We dressed up for dinner every evening, I tried escargot (snails), and we spent one day jumping into the sea off a beautiful, big boat.  

Now though, I really need to get back onto the yellow brick road of fashion. I have a lot of cool ideas plus I want to finally show you all my bargain Bangkok buys, which, may I add, have already received numerous compliments. These are usually followed by frustrated sighs when I explain that my shorts cost £2 in Thailand.

For this post I shall leave you with my new guilty pleasure- Asian pop boybands (which is not as creepy as it sounds). Some boring bitches* may add this to their collection of 'stupid things that Mamie loves but I just don't understand', but here goes;

These guys might be my favourite. I especially love the guy in the cap and sunglasses (see him in other videos- a completely new look but o em gee)

Top tip: wait for the yummy scrummy topless bit. 

Okay so maybe this little, teensy obsession with Thai and Korean boys is solely fuelled by my recent trip to Thailand but it gives me happiness okay?!

*A good song actually, by Etta Bond and Lady Leshurr

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