Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Wednesday 20th March 20:23 by Mamie

So we are currently enjoying refreshingly yummy mocktails with banana shami kebab and dahi ke sholey after a dip in the pool (opened especially for us) and a hot shower with white clean towels. Oh and complimentary tea, coffee and chocolate. Really hardcore backpacking basically.

Truthfully, we got a little nervous last night; the first scam has made us weary and perhaps over-paranoid but after being offered another 'package tour deal' by the Love Guru's friend and some other shady business we felt fed up, overwhelmed and unsure.

Back to the 'gap yah' experience, I may have called my Mother... "Mummyyy... Any chance you'd like to pay for us to stay in a pricey hotel tonight while we sort ourselves out and get comfortable?".


Anyway now we are finally rolling on with our journey. Our train tickets are booked (by ourselves thank you very much all you India travel agents) and we have a good plan. Exciting times ahead and we will post soon!

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