Monday, 9 January 2012

The awkward 7 months when nothing is posted.

My absence started with the exams in June and then summer came; following an incredible and rustic trip to Spain, my best friend whisked me away to Greece. While this gave me an opportunity to get my favourite summer clothes out (In Spain I had to work y practicar mi Espanol- dresses and flip flops weren’t going to cut it in the mountains), a lack of internet access in both places prevented any posting.
Spain. In the week we were in the middle of nowhere, at the weekends it was beach time baby.

Then, I started a new school. I’ll be blunt here- it’ a crappy little sixth form college in London. I hate it. It sucks. They’re useless. The silver lining is that the people here are great and I’ve made some pretty good friends. The new school and my hectic university application has totally distracted me but good news buddies, I’m back!

Like a majority of the human population, I have New Year’s Resolutions; like a majority of the human population I have plans for a ‘new me’; and, like a majority of the human population, I intend to follow through with these resolutions but ultimately, I will probably fail miserably and resort to my usually unhealthy, unfit, and work overloaded life routine. We’ll see what happens eh? I haven’t actually started this new phase- full of exercise and organization- but this post should mark a stage.

Okay so I have a LOT to show you. I feel like I’m five years old again and you’re my best friend and I’m just bursting to show you my Doll’s new clothes and accessories. I know you wanna be my best friend ;) However I will show you my new sparkly things later (when I can be bothered to leave my bed and take photographs). For now…
Boy Better Know. 


Also not fashion related buuuuut
Symmetry from Everynone on Vimeo.

Watch it. Seriously wowee

I mentioned a while back about work experience. In July, I assisted Laura Holmes Production with a few shoots. The first shoot was with Gucci and this I shall show you in a post yet to come, and the second shoot was for Japanese Vogue Homme and the photographer, Scott Trindle. It was essentially 'Teddy boy' and Geezer style. Slick, tattooed, and okay maybe I had a lil (big) crush on one of the models. Hellooo? I clearly have taste- he's now one of Burberry's pretty faces.
Yep, that's my name, right there, in the credits. You see it? You see it? Okay yes they misspelled my surname. *cry*
Anyway, this theme is clearly top form. VMAN took a shot at

By the way, did I mention Burberry? Oh, yes, I did? Did I also mention, ahem, that I work there? Boom. Life is complete haha! Truthfully I'm a freelancer, but it's still an incredible opportunity. The highlights of the job? The models mmm (male... obviously). 

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