Monday, 10 January 2011

Its possible to Love Someone

Pretty good artist I happened to find on my internet travels;  Let me know your opinions.

Anyhow, I'm now back at school, but because of my New Year Resolutions (which SHALL stay intact and which will not fall to pieces similarly to the majority of resolutions in the world) I will keep updates regularly. As I spent hours of my first day back at school working on my textiles book, I discovered that hiding myself away in my room for days on end seems to have payed off (my teacher was quite pleased with me) and I also discovered some impressive artists.

These lavish pieces are by Afet Halil, a 'textile designer'. There is little detail about Halil on the web, so I'm afraid I cannot provide you with much. However, I can quote the designer; 
'My final collection is an energetic range of conceptual showpieces for couture. The robust use of colour from flamboyant to restrained plays a central role in the work. I am especially intrigued by the interaction between the textile pieces and the body's movement. I capture and emphasise this through my use and manipulation of a diverse collection of fabric, creating a harmony between the very delicate and the bold. The combination of luxurious fabrics and the unconventional materials adds an unexpected element.'
I think his range is beautiful and elegant. The soft, fluid fabrics and intricate details (which I hope are clear- the pictures are bad quality, I apologise) create stunning pieces. 
 These are some of  
 Sandra Buckland's creations.  They are similar to Mark Fast, whom you may find in a few posts down :) I really love these... The colours are simple, the pieces themselves look soft and comfortable, but the intricacy and mass of shapes and folds and curls create art itself. Some of the pieces stand out incredulously as you can see, but I love this senselessness, the sudden solidity. 

To finish this brief post, I would love to show you these heavenly images...

Reblogged from ">Topcoat, this is Denisa Dvorakova by Johan Sandberg for Marie Claire Italy January 2011. Shows how powerful white really is. You can ramble on about colour (as I have done in my textiles book :/) but white is phwoar- worthy. 

Quick News- Emmanuelle Alt, aged 45 and who is known for her rock n' roll style including large shoulders, skinny jeans, and giddy heels, is to head French Vogue. Congratulations! A job many would kill for, no doubt... (not that I'm um... speaking for myself... or anything...)
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Andy Rios said...

Wow what an amazing artist the designer Afet Halil is. I love all the ways that the textiles are sculpted into different shapes. I love that you followed up the couture pieces with wearable counterparts such as the cute shoes and the one piece..AMAZING.
Ditto on Emmanuelle Alt :)

MyAffairWithClothes said...

Thank you, I hope so to! :) Any good tips on the best shopping vintage and otherwise, clubs etc?

MyAffairWithClothes said...

Wow, sounds great!! Thank you very much for the tip, I'll most definitely look it up :)

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Mary said...

Thanks for stopping by!
I love these heavenly images!!Fab!
I added to your followers too;)
xx Mary

Rainbowing said...

WOW what amazing clothes! Thank you so much for sharing they are amazing finds. Shows how bold clothes can be

Gladys Lopez said...

WOW. love this stuff.
magnificent post!

"this fashion lark." said...

Those photographs are amazinggg x

"this fashion lark." said...

Awesome photos x

DailyGlamour said...

amazing pics ! love it