Saturday, 21 January 2012


And my January exams are now finito wooo. I would like to say that I'm celebrating and having a peng time but in reality my January exams were Maths exams and I have a hella amount of English, History and Art work. *stressedface*
Needing a feelgoodsong and this normally isn't the kind of music I like but hey- it's catchy and omydeargod is he hot.

Bought this a while ago as I'm really on the whole 'caj t-shirt but subtly sexy' thing.

I am also getting a little bit cray cray about jewellery. No, not normal jewellery- I like the inventive and bold things. I recently bought these:
 Bargain from ASOS
I'm obsessed with earcuffs. This one is from Ebay

Just a brief post but I'll finish it with this
Louis Vuitton Logo Tights. TO DIE FOR...GIMMEEEEEE 
Okay so I'm a little late in the update as apparently these were released a long time ago but you'l find me checking ebay everyday from now on for these bad boys.


holly x said...

don't stress the small stuff! exams are never the end of the world, and there's always an opportunity to resit.
cool asos earrings, tune's pretty sweet too

Stray From The Mode said...

Hahaha thank you :) I'll try not to.