Saturday, 27 March 2010

tap tap tappin those studs

Yep, so this is a typical productive saturday. My art book is literally lying next to me, I'm literally ignoring it.
My spotify and youtube are open so that I can endulge myself to a sweet tune, and I have about 127 tabs open. To make myself feel better, I'm PRINTING off some art photos (printing is better than nothing right?)
However, I have a good excuse- FashionAir.
It's a new website im lur- lur- lurving.

However the question remains- why am I scrummaging through this beautiful website?
Because it introduced me to this:
(Thats not the full versain though so do check out FashionAir)
Right then, so studs, Louboutins, Louboutin himself, a bit o' jazz, and a 50s aura? This has given me my latest buzz, and trust me this buzz is a'buzzin. 
FashionAir also put the lovely Kate Kanzier designs infront of my eyes.It's literally SHOE PORN I swear! You know how brogues are all the rage? For me, she increases that rage to a level of worship and adoration.

There are about 40 pairs over there so do NOT HESITATE and click click clickity- trust me you want to see these. The added bonus that makes my life so much better? Each pair is only around £25- £35!! I'm just trying to work out now when I can buy myself some :)
Some of her heels are lovely too:
So I'll leave you there, byee


Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I love the strappy tan suede pair! xoxo

I'm Heraid said...

Oh my that video!!!! and those shoes. You said it, shoe porn! I think I saw one pair at Aldo. But maybe I'm mistaken.
Loveee all of these!

Fashion By He said...

great video, nice heels

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

Stray From The Mode said...

thanks everyone :)
ooohhh now I have to go visit Aldos... DAM YOU! :p hehe
oh and He? I absolutely love the blog...It might just be one of my favourites so far! but there have been male fashion bloggers before. like

Kitty said...

Great shoes!

fashionisfueledbyobsession said...

rad shoes!

followed =D
come visit mine

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful blog. I noticed you have a passion for shoes so you may want to check out my fashion illustration site. I am running a giveaway of a signed shoe llustration that first appeared in Mirabella Magazine. Check it out...
Good luck.
X David

Pink Blog Girl said...

Shoe porn is definitley a good name for it! I love the heels. Simple elegance. the city said...

ahhhhh shoes!
this post just makes me have warm and fuzzy feelings inside

rachel said...

I have some shoes REALLLLLLY similar to that last pair!
love them :)

Stray From The Mode said...

thanks for the comments guys!
Feel free to follow the blog, so you can hear about any new posts I make. Also, I have a facebook page:!/pages/Stray-From-The-Mode/111378418880695?ref=ts
I'd love it if you could join and invite your friends! Thankyou :)